IMG_9062The competition program is designed for the more serious dancer, to enhance their technical training, performance quality, and maturity in movement.  The dancers take classes at workshops throughout the year with Maine Dance Teachers Club, travel to 2-3 regional competitions, and perform within the community.

Competition members not only are focused on excellent technical and theatrically training but sportsmanship as well.  The dancers are encouraged to work together and help one another in the classroom, on the stage, and outside the dance studio.

We believe every student can shine but may shine in different ways.  One student may be a great leaper while the other one a great turner, the dancers are taught that diversity is good and not al bodies are designed to move the same way.  Dedication is an important aspect of being a competition member, dancers are expected to come to class regularly and come prepared to learn.  If the dancers has more than 6 absences in the season, they will be asked to leave the team.  A positive attitude is the window to successful learning.

We believe if every student comes ready to learn and to get better, they will have a much more enjoyable experience. Melissa often tells her students. “It’s ok to do something wrong, it’s the journey to getting it right which is exciting.”  There is nothing more exciting to a teacher than to see a student conquer a step or combination for the first time.

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