IMPORTANT RECITAL INFORMATION: Please read this information sheet with details about our upcoming recital including location, schedule and important instructions.

Download your Updated Recital Packet.

Which Recital Day Do I Dance?

Below is a schedule of which classes will be performing which days.

All shows and dress rehearsals will be at South Portland High School Auditorium.

Location: South Portland High School Auditorium

637 Highland Ave, South Portland, ME 04106

All company members will perform in both recitals.

Show: June 16th, 10am and 1:30pm @ South Portland High School w/hair and make-up done

Rehearsal/Pictures:   June 14th for 10am show 5-7:30pm. June 15th for 1:30pm show 5-7:30pm

Studio Picture Day: We will take pictures at dress rehearsals. This will be great, dancers will be there and it is one less day for parents to come in to the studio.

Pictures will be taken at Dress Rehearsals in order of the Show by Claudia Murray. Please pick up dancers after their final routine and pictures at rehearsal; we will leave the theater by 7:30pm.

Dancers should arrive with hair and make-up done 1/2 hour before scheduled picture time on rehearsal day. 

Morning Recital Afternoon Recital
Monday 3:30-4:15 Teen Hip Hop w/Amanda Monday 3:00-4:15 Ballet Level 4 w/Melissa
Monday 4:15-5:00 Teen Modern/Lyrical w/Juliette Monday 6:00-6:45 Acro Levels 4/5 w/Jasmine
Monday 4:15-5:00 Performance Hip Hop Level 2 w/Amanda Monday 6:00-6:45 Hip Hop Level 3 w/ Amanda
Monday 5:00-6:00 Level 2 Ballet w/Melissa Tuesday 3:45-4:30 Acro levels 2-4 w/Teal
Monday 6:00-6:30 Level 2 Tap w/Melissa Tuesday 6:00-6:45 Jazz Level 2 w/Michelle
Monday 7:00-7:30 Musical Theater ages 9 and up w/Stefanie Tuesday 6:45-7:30 Lyrical Level 2 w/Michelle
Monday 7:00-7:45 Acro Levels 2-3 w/Jasmine Thursday 3:15-4:15 Ballet Level 3 w/Melissa
Tuesday 3:15-4:00 Contemporary Level 4 Thursday 4:00-4:30 Hip Hop ages 4-6 w/Nicole
Tuesday 5:00-5:30 Tap Level 1 w/Michelle Thursday 4:30-5:30 Contemporary Level 5 with Melissa
Tuesday 5:30-6:00 Jazz Level 1 w/Michelle Thursday 4:30-5:00 Jazz ages 6-8 w/Nicole
Tuesday 6:00-6:45 Ballet level 1 w/Melissa Thursday 5:00-5:30 Tap ages 6-8 w/Nicole
Tuesday 6:45-7:15 Tap Level 3 w/Melissa Thursday 5:30-6:00 Ballet ages 6-8 w/Miranda
Wednesday 4:00-4:30 Tap Level 4 w/Melissa Thursday 6:00-6:30 Ballet ages 4-5 w/Miranda
Wednesday 4:00-4:30 Lyrical ages 5-7 w/Miranda Thursday 6:15-7:00 Jazz/Contemporary Level 3  w/Melissa
Wednesday 4:30-5:00 Tap ages 5-7 w/Miranda Thursday 6:30-7:00 Acro ages 5-9 w/Miranda
Wednesday 5:00-5:30 Jazz ages 5-7 w/Miranda Thursday 7:00-7:30 Hip Hop ages 6-9 w/Miranda
Wednesday 5:30-6:00 Ballet ages 5-7 w/Miranda Saturday 9:30-10:15 Ballet/Tap ages 4-5 w/Sarah
Wednesday 5:45-6:30 Lyrical level 2/3 w/Melissa
Wednesday 6:00-6:30 Pointe Level 4 w/Kaitlyn
Wednesday 6:00-6:30 Ballet ages 3-4 w/Miranda
Wednesday 6:30-7:15 Hip Hop levels 1/ 2 w/Miranda
Wednesday 7:15-7:45 Lyrical Level 1/ 2 ages 8+ w/Miranda
 Friday 3:15-4:00 Hip Hop Level 4 w/Amanda

Costume Prices- 2017-2018

Costume Bills are due in 2 payments: 10/15 and 11/15. 

Costumes need to be paid in full, to be ordered.

We order costumes the 1st week in December. Costumes are made to order.

There is a $20 late fee for any costume payments made after 11/15.

All costumes will be $70 each, unless otherwise noted below.

Costumes include: costume, tights, headpieces, accessories, instructions, and a bag.

Hip Hop costumes do not have tights.

Ballet/Tap classes for ages 3.5-5, will only do 1 recital dance (Ballet).

Combo classes – (for Ballet, Tap, and Jazz ages 5-7 and ages 6-8)

Combo classes will have the same leotard and change accessories for different styles.

$125 for all 3 styles, $95 for 2 styles, $70 for one.

Company costumes are $90 each. Company costumes are due in full by 9/15.

We order company costumes in September.

Costumes will not be ordered if they are not paid in full.