Cassandra Rodway

Cassandra YI found my love for dance at a young age in rural Maine, advancing my studies into the cities of Boston and New York. My passion for dance expanded while spending summers at Boston Conservatory, Alvin Ailey, ABT, and attending the Joffrey Ballet School Trainee Program. After receiving an AA in Dance Performance from Dean College, I went on to complete my BA through UMass Amherst with a dual degree in Dance and Health. While completing my BA I also became a Certified Yoga Instructor, continuing my educational studies years hence in Yoga Specialization.

Throughout my high school and college years I was in many performances, whether they were within the school I attended, outside companies, or summer intensive opportunities. While residing in Massachusetts during my last two years of college, I joined two different dance companies and participated in additional outside dance projects. I continued to perform after moving back to my home state of Maine, joining a local company. Currently, I choose to focus on sharing my passion by teaching dance versus performing. 

Dance was my first real passion with Yoga following shortly behind; both guided me into the person I am today. I love helping people find joy through movement, particularly working with children to enrich their sense of balance (both physically and mentally) at a young age. I’ve written articles about the important subject matter of how Dance and Yoga can positively influence our lives. I think it’s amazing how many healing opportunities they both have to offer; whether the healing is related to mental health recovery or physical therapy to an injury.