May/June 2021- 4 Week sessions

Updated May/June 4 Week sessions 2021

These classes will definitely run, at these times, unless there is a note, next to the class.

Some class times have been modified. Please read carefully.

If you do not see your class here, it is not running, but we can help you find the rigth class!

Please email Melissa at, to help you find the right class.

Late Spring and Summer classes are combined levels and ages, due to low enrollment. 

May/June 4 Week sessions are required for company dancers, level 2 and up.

4 week sessions must be paid in full, before 1st class.

Please log into your compu dance to pay,

Accounts will be billed for 4 week sessions by 5/10.

Studio will open at 2:30pm each day.

Mondays- 5/17, 5/24, 6/7, 6/14 ( no class on Memorial Day)

3-4pm Contemporary Level 4/5 w/ Melissa

4-5pm Hip Hop Level 4/5 w/ Amanda

4-5pm Jazz/Turns and Leaps level 3/4 w/Melissa

5-5:45pm Hip Hop Level 3/4 w/Amanda

5-6:15pm Ballet Level 4/5 w/Juliette

5-5:45 Ballet Level 2 ages 7 and up w/Melissa- need 2 more register by 5/8, to hold

5:45-6:15 Lyrical Level 2 ages 7 and up w/Melissa – need 3 more register by 5/8,  to hold

6:15-7;00 Hip Hop Level 2 w/Amanda- need 6 to register by 5/8, to hold

6:15-7:00 Pointe Level 4/5 w/Melissa

6:15-7:15 Ballet Level 3/4 w/Juliette

7:00-7:30 Tap Level 2 ages 7 annd up w/Melissa-need 4 more to register by 5/8, to hold

Tuesdays- 5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15 

3-4:15 Turns and Leaps Level 4/5 w/Melissa

4:15-5:30 Ballet Level 4/5 w/Melissa

4:30-5:30 Acro ages 7-11 w/Sonya- NEW CLASS! – need 6 to register by 5/8, to hold

4:45-5:15 Ballet ages 3-4 w/Miranda- need 2 more by 5/8, to hold. 

5:15-6:00 Ballet/Tap ages 5-7 w/Miranda

5:30-6:45 Acro ages 12 and up w/Sonya- NEW CLASS!- need 6 to register by 5/8, to hold

5:30-6:15 Ballet Level 2 ages 7 and up w/Melissa- need 3 more to register by 5/8, to hold

6:00-6:30 Hip Hop ages 5-7 w/Miranda

6:15-7:00 Jazz Level 2 agez 7 and up w/Melissa- need 3 more to register, by 5/8, to hold

7:00-7:45 Technique Level 3/4 w/Melissa

Wednesdays- 5/26, 6/2, 6/9, 6/16

You must be a Toddle inn daycare student, to take dance, at Toddle Inn.

Toddle Inn Cumberland will be one class, as of now.( at Toddle Inn)


If we have more than 12 students, we will make into two classes.

Toddle Inn Gorham ( at Toddle Inn) 


1:05-1:35 Hip Hop ages 8-11 w/Miranda- Need 4 more registered by 5/8, to hold

1:40-2:10 Hip Hop ages 5-8 w/Miranda- need 4 more registered by 5/8, to hold

3:00-3:45 Tap Level 3/4 w/Melissa

3:45-4:30 Conditioning Level 3-5 w/Melissa

4:00-4:30 Beg. Pointe w/Kaitlyn

4:30-5:45 Ballet Level 4/5 w/Kaitlyn

4:30-5:30 Ballet Level 3/4 w/Melissa

5:30-6:15 Tap Level 3/4 w/Melissa

5:45-6:30 Musical Theater Level 4/5 w/Ray

6:15-6:45 Pointe Level 4/5 NEW CLASS w/Melissa- need 6 registered by 5/8, to hold

6:30-7:15 Musical Theater Level 3/4 w/Ray

If you have any billing or registration questions, please

For general questions, please email:

Tuition Rates

Tuition for 4 week sessions.

1/2 hour per week-$48 per month

3/4 hour per week-$55 per month

1 hour per week-$61 per month

1.25 hour per week-$66 per month

1.5 hour per week-$72 per month

1.75 hour per week-$77 per month

2 hour per week-$82 per month

2.25 hour per week-$89 per month

2.5 hour per week-$94 per month

2.75 hour per week-$100 per month

3 hour per week-$112 per month

3.25 hour per week-$117 per month

3.5 hour per week- $123 per month

3.75 hour per week-$130 per month

4 hour per week-$135 per month

4.25 hour per week-$141 per month

4.5 hour per week-$147 per month

4.75 hour per week-$156 per month

5 hour per week-$167 per month

5.25 hour per week-$176 per month

5.5 hour per week-$185 per month

5.75 hour per week-$194 per month

6 hour per week-$203 per month

6.25 hour per week-$215 per month

6.5 hour per week-$230 per month

6.75 hour per week-$240 per month

7 hour per week-$250 per month

7.25 hour per week, $258 per month

7.5 hour per week, $264 per month

7.75 hour per week, $270 per month

8 hours and up-$280 per month

Sibling Discount

Sibling discount-Subtract $8 per month for each additional family member. This does not apply to family plus rate.

Family Plus Rate

$375 per month for the entire family, for as many classes as you like!

Private Lessons

Privates are $65 an hour and $32.50 for a half hour. 

ACH or Credit Card required, on file, for all accounts.