Schedule September 2024- May 2025

Scarborough Dance Center September 2024-May 2025 class schedule

Registration opens 6/5.                     

If you would like to pay for the year in full and receive a 10% discount, please email Alisa at by 8/29.

There is a one-time registration fee of $25 per dancer or $30 for a family, for the season.

The registration fee increases to $30 per dancer and $35 for a family after August 1st.

Our policies are on our website,, here is the link to view them.

By registering with us, you adhere to our policies.

If you have a beginner (4th/5th grade and up) to dance and more structured classes, please register for the Level 3 classes.

If you have a beginner or recreational dancer 6th grade and up, please register for level 3 or 4 classes or Teen classes.


SDC company choreo classes are in Blue, you are only in those if you are in company. Company has been emailed their placements already. Choreo is where they work on company choreography for their dance.

We register ALL company members. ALL company members will be registered for their required classes by 6/15.

Stargazer company dances- are level 5

Tulip and Lilac company dances- are Level 4

Rose company  dances- are Level 3

SDC reviews all registrations to ensure all students are placed in the appropriate classes.

Please email, with all questions.

All classes are in recital unless noted as NR (no recital).

There is a required $30 digital download fee for all SDC families for the recital video. This fee is due 4/2/2025.

(C)= combo class with combo costume.

Level 1- Kindergarten and 1st Grade classes

Level 2-2nd and 3rd Grade classes

Level 3- 3rd Grade and up classes

Level 4- for Adv. Beginner to Intermediate level dancers ages 10 and up- NEEDS SDC APPROVAL

Level 5-For Intermediate- Advanced dancers ages 11 and up-NEEDS SDC APPROVAL

NR= No recital

You will receive a personalized confirmation within a week of registering.

Please note: We are closed Friday-Sunday in the Summer.

Classes start 9/9/2024.

The last day of classes is May 15,2025.

The recital will be in May (date to be determined 3rd weekend in May) at South Portland High School.

Recital Costume prices –

All recital costumes include tights, if needed.

All costumes include garment bag, hanger, costume, accessories, and costume instructions.

We measure each student and order the costumes.

Costumes are handed out in the spring once they arrive, we organize them, and label them.

$85 per costume

Combo costumes:

Kids in ages 3.5-5 and ages 4-5 Tap/Ballet will have one costume, no combo costume, to save on costs and changing kids at recital.

1 dance- $85, 2 dances, $115 and 3 dances $150

Costume prices are due 11/10 and 12/10, 2024.

Costumes must be paid in full by 12/10, to be ordered.

If a class experiences low enrollment, it may be canceled or combined with another class.


MONDAY-First class 9/9/2024

MONDAY-First class 9/9/2024

TimeStyleAge/LevelTeacherRoom #
2:30-3:15Choreo company solos/duets6th grade and upMelissa1
3:15-3:45Choreography for Company- Stargazer Ballet/Jazz/Contemporary6th grade and up Stargazer CompanyMelissa1
3:45-4:30Acro/TumblingAges 10 and up-Level 4-6Teall3
3:45-4:00Solos/duets Company choreoCompany onlyMelissa1
4:00-4:30Performance TeamAges 9 and upMelissa1
4:15-4:45LyricalLevel 1/2-ages 5-8Krysta2
4:30-5:00TapLevel 4Melissa1
4:30-5:30Ballet- NRLevel 5Juliette3
4:45-5:15Hip HopLevel 1/2 -ages 5-8Krysta2
5:00-5:45JazzLevel 4Melissa1
5:15-5:45Hip HopLevel 3Krysta2
5:30-6:00Pointe NRLevel 5Juliette3
5:45-6:30Lyrical/ContemporaryLevel 3Melissa1
5:45-6:30AcroAges 6-9Bryanna2
6:00-7:00Ballet NRLevel 4Juliette3
6:30-7:00Company Choreography Level 3- Rose Hip Hop and LyricalCompany Choreography  Melissa1
6:30-7:15AcroAges 8-12Bryanna2
7:00-7:15Company Choreography- Tulip Jazz -Level 4Company ChoreographyMelissa1
7:00-8:00Ballet-for older dancers who dance recreationallyTeen ages 12 and upJuliette3
7:15-7:20Company Choreography- Lilac BalletCompany ChoreographyMelissa1
7:20-7:40Company solo/duet rehearsalCompany solo/duetMelissa1

TUESDAY- first class 9/10

TimeStyleAge/LevelTeacherRoom #
1:30-2:15Tap/Ballet ages 4-5- 2 dances for recitalAges 4-5Melissa1
2:15-2:45BalletAges 2-3Melissa1
2:45-3:15Company solos/duets6th grade and upMelissa1
3:15-4:15BalletLevel 5Melissa1
4:15-4:45PointeLevel 5Melissa1
4:45-5:15Company Musical Theater ChoreographyCompany members only in MT danceMiranda1
4:45-5:15Hip HopAges 4-6Madison2
5:15-6:15Hip HopLevel 4-5Bruce3
5:15-5:45Hip HopLevel 2Madison2
5:15-6:00BalletLevel 3Melissa1
5:45-6:15LyricalLevel 2Madison2
6:00-6:45JazzLevel 3Melissa1
6:15-7:15Breakdancing/Poppin/LockinAges 8-12Bruce3
6:15-6:45Condition/Strength/FlexibilityAges 10 and upMadison2
6:45-7:15TapLevel 3Melissa1
7:15-7:35Rose Star Tap /Jazz Company ChoreographyCompany Choreography- RoseMelissa1
7:35-7:45Company solos/duets Melissa1

WEDNESDAY- First class 9/11

TimeStyleAge/LevelTeacherRoom #
2:30-3:15Solos/duets company6th grade and upMelissa1
3:15-4:00JazzLevel 5Melissa1
4:00-4:30TapLevel 5Melissa1
4:00-4:30BalletAges 2-3Miranda2
4:00-4:45Ballet/Lyrical- 1 recital danceLevel 1-ages 5-7London3
4:30-4:45Company Stargazer Tap/Sunflower Hip Hop ChoreographyCompany Choreography- Level 4-5Melissa1
4:30-5:15Tap/Ballet- 2 dancesAges 3.5-5Miranda2
4:45-5:45Ballet- NRLevel 5London3
4:45-5:45BalletLevel 4Melissa1
5:15-5:45AcroAges 4-6Miranda2
5:45-6:30Hip Hop Level 4Krysta3
5:45-6:30Tap/ Ballet-2 dances-CAges 4-6Melissa1
5:45-6:45Tap/Ballet-2 dances-CLevel 1Miranda2
6:30-7:15Lyrical/ContemporaryLevel 4Melissa1
6:30-7:15Hip Hop/Lyrical -2 dances-CLevel 1-Ages 5-7Krysta3
6:45-7:15Performance TeamAges 5-8Miranda2
7:15-8:00REC. Lyrical- for kids who take 1 class per week and/or are beginnersAges 10 and upMiranda2
7:15-7:30Company Choreo- Tulip LyricalCompany ChoreographyMelissa1
7:15-8:00REC. Teen Jazz for older beginners or recreational dancersAges 12 and upKrysta3
8:00-8:30REC. Teen Tap for older beginners or recreational dancersAges 12 and upMiranda2

THURSDAY-First class 9/12

TimeStyleAge/LevelTeacherRoom #
2:30-3:15Solo/duet rehearsalsCompanyMelissa1
3:15-4:00ContemporaryLevel 5Melissa1
3:30-4:15Acro/TumblingAges 5-8Teall3
4:00-4:15Acro Company choreographyCompany ChoreographyMelissa1
4:15-4:30Open Company ChoreographyCompany ChoreographyMelissa1
4:15-5:00Acro/TumblingAges 8-12Teall3
4:15-5:00Tap/Ballet -2 dancesAges 3.5-5Maddie2
4:30-5:30Turns and Leaps NRLevel 4-5Melissa1
5:00-5:45Ballet NRLevel 3Maddie3
5:30-6:15BalletLevel 2Melissa1
5:45-6:15Lines/Body Position/TechniqueLevels 4-5Maddie3
6:15-6:45JazzLevel 2Melissa1
6:15-7:15Tap/Ballet-2 dances-CLevel 1Maddie3
6:45-7:15TapLevel 2Melissa1

FRIDAY-First class 9/13

TimeStyleAge/LevelTeacherRoom #
9:30-10:15Tap/Ballet-2 dancesAges 3.5-5Melissa1
10:15-10:45BalletAges 2-3Melissa1

SATURDAY-First class 9/14

TimeStyleAge/LevelTeacherRoom #
9:15-9:45BalletAges 3-4Bryanna1
9:45-10:15JazzAges 5-7Bryanna1

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