Ballet/Pointe: The foundation for all dance. Ballet teaches grace, self expression, proper body placement, body control and the look of effortless grace. We teach a combination of Vaganova and RAD. Older students are also introduced to Balanchine style. Our classes offer a variety of adage and allegro, so the dancers can be versatile. Ballet is the technical backbone for all genres of dance.  We highly recommend ballet for all dancers.

Tap: The instrument is you feet.  A large focus is on timing and developing rhythms.  We teach classical tap as well as the newer rhythm tap (Stomp influenced).  Tap is a great to learn musicality and to make melodies with your own feet.

Jazz: Jazz is the culmination of theater, ballet, and modern.  Jazz dance teaches technique in pirouettes, traveling steps, leaps, and core body movement.  Jazz also works on flexibility, endurance, and strength. Ballet is strongly recommended for anyone interested in Jazz.

Hip Hop: Hip Hop combines the newest moves in street dancing as well as what you would see in music videos.  A high energy class and a great aerobic workout.  We incorporate new styles of hip hop with the old.

Lyrical: An offspring of ballet, lyrical dancing conveys a message with the music.  The movement is fluid and controlled.  An emotion or story is told through the body movement, a large focus is on working your core.  Students must have a ballet background.

Contemporary: Contemporary dance is routed from ballet but involves self expression and more off centered movements.  The emphasis is on body control, connecting movements, and body lines.  Students must have a ballet background.

Acro/Tumbling: Acro and Tumbling are great classes for strength, conditioning, flexibility, balance, coordination, body control, and they learn great skills. Skills learned: Bridges, forward and backward rolls, handstands, headstands, cartwheels, round offs, partnering, lifts, walkovers, aerials, back handsprings, and more! Dancers must train for a while to get to the harder skills and must be strong enough to do them without injury. Our staff is Certified and/or works in a gymnastics studio. We ensure students are taught safely and with the proper progressions.

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